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Introducing Cremasse by Ducasse

Cremasse (Kremas or Cremas) is the celebration drink of Haiti and is served regularly at social events and especially during the holidays. Haitian Cremas 

 “We associate cremasse with the best parts of growing up: communions, parties, weddings, and the holidays. It’s a celebration drink.”   

“It’s like eggnog, but a million times better and without eggs. Think coquito, but creamier, flavorful, bold, and robust.” ..Nadege Fleurimond, chef and author of Haiti Uncovered In life we care about the things that have deep meaning to us – family, friends, work, good times and the not so good times. Haitian Cremas 

Cremasse Presented By Ducasse is no different.

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Introducing Cremasse by Ducasse

The good things in life don’t come easy. Cremasse by Ducasse is a result of incredible dedication and daily effort. Our work is never done, but when the day is done, it’s only right that we gather with family and friends and raise our glasses.

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How Can I Make A Custom Order

You can easily make a custom order for your special event. Let us know how many 6 oz bottles you need. Need a custom label to match your invitation or decor no problem, we can do it all. Just click the button below full out the form and give us some more details about your needs.

Our favorite ways to enjoy Cremasse By Ducasse

Our favorite ways to enjoy Cremasse By Ducasse Served Chilled Or Drizzle Over Cake And Ice Cream. Go Ahead And Give It A Shot.

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